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Hi, my name is Melanie LeBlanc

Hi my name is Melanie LeBlanc, I was born of European and Dene ancestry. I was born in 1995 and adopted at birth and I am continuing to explore and to learn about my Indigenous culture and heritage. I am a member of the English River First Nation.

From a young age, I took an interest in Fashion and my influences are diverse. My mom is a quilter and my grandmother was a seamstress and a quilter. My biological family all excel in their own artistic forms.

After completing my education at the Academy of Fashion Design, my eyes became opened to the truth behind the Fashion Industry - the hidden true costs involved in the creation of each piece of clothing until it reaches you, the client. The creation of just one garment requires many steps from designing, material sourcing, pattern-making, cutting, sewing, grading, merchandising, marketing and so on. These true costs are often not reflected in a $20 price tag.

Not only do I acknowledge the importance of Slow Fashion for ethical, environmental, and consumption purposes, I also feel a deeper connection to my ancestors who took the time to hand-sew and to adorn their garments as a labour of love. I see beauty and value in the clothes we put on our bodies when it’s made by hand.

As the sole artist of LeBlanc Apparel, every garment that is purchased is handmade by me. For that reason, supplies are limited and production and shipping can take between 2-8 weeks..

Catherine Blackburn x Melanie Leblanc



CONVERGENCE is a collab collection born from our reconnection story, back to each other: celebrating love, strength, knowledge and power. it converges our stories and matriarchal love and knowledge to form a collection that celebrates the land and animal kin that have sustained and continue to hold us as indigenous people. Together we created a collection that harnesses the power of spirit, land, and love, celebrating indigenous beauty ingenuity and brilliance.